1. Products ordered by mistake

Products, ordered by mistake, can only be returned when it concerns standard stock products, and only after prior explicit agreement by Orly Pharma upon the demand to return.

2. Demand/announcement to return products

A demand or a notification for a return has to be done at Orly Pharma within 7 days after reception of the products.
Returns are only treated after the return document, supplied by Orly Pharma is completed and a copy of the invoice and/or packing document is received.

3. Obligations Customer

Returned products:

  • Have not been decommisioned from the NMVS/Securmed;
  • have to be presented in the original packaging, unopened and undamaged;
  • have to be correctly stored, handled and transported;
  • haven’t left the safekeeping of the pharmacist, hospital or wholesaler during the time between reception and return of
    the products.

4. Returns without announcement

Returns that are not announced and/or are not performed according to these conditions will not be refunded by Orly Pharma. Orly Pharma reserves the right to destroy these products.

5. Non-returnable products and cold chain products

Special products that Orly Pharma have delivered at special order from a customer can not be returned.
Cold chain products can not be returned, unless in case of an error in delivery or packaging. When returned, temperature data must be provided to prove that the item has been handled correctly and stored at the correct temperature (2-8°C).

6. Refund

In the event that Orly Pharma commits an error, the products shall be received was returns without reservation and 100% of the costs, incl. shipping cost, will be refunded.
With regard to otherwise by Orly Pharma accepted returns 75% of the costs will be refunded, minus the shipping costs involved.

7. Miscelloneous provisions

These Return Conditions apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Orly Pharma, which conditions shall remain in full force and effect. In accordance with the respective clause in the General Terms and Conditions on this subject, where Orly Pharma is mentioned it concerns either Orly Pharma BV or its affiliate Orly Pharma GmbH.

Return conditions Orly Pharma UK 01-2022