… according to the patient

When my Thyrax wasn’t available in Holland my pharmacy was able to order it at Orly Pharma. After some fuss it even was refunded by the health-insurance. When a while later the chlooramphenicolcreme, needed by my mother, wasn’t available as well, my mother urged her pharmacist to contact Orly Pharma. And that worked out well too. It is so good to have a company that knows it’s way around and cares for you.

… according to the pharmacist

Unfortunately it happens more and more that manufacturers can’t deliver in time. That is very unfortunate for y patients. Every change in their medication is a potential risk. Sometimes it means that a patient needs extra checks and blood research. Often it means that I have to purchase medicines abroad, where the medicines are registered, which leads to quite some extra work. But in the interest of the safety of medication, and satisfaction of my client I am happy to do this. The solutions are customised: I am happy to see that every time Orly finds a proper solution to every question. On top of that the reliability of delivery excellent.

… according to the doctor

As a doctor we prefer to have different options, not only in case of a shortage but also in case of a rare disease for which in the Netherlands no registrated medicine is available. I am happy to take the extra trouble. By means of a doctors statement I can ask the pharmacist to purchase the medicine of wich I know that it really words. With the explanation that no relevant alternative medicine is available, the Dutch Inspection grants permission to import this product. This way my patient gets what he needs and he doesn’t suffer unnecessary health damange. I’m very glad that parties like orly Pharma exist, specialized herein.

… according to the Dutch Olympic ladies hockey team

Not only for these top athletes but for the whole Dutch Olympic team for the 2016 games in Rio Orly has delivered the flu-vaccins. To avoid being surprised by the Southern hemisphere influenza virus. With special cooling shipments these vaccins were purchased in Australia and delivered in time at several sports doctors in the Netherlands. We are very proud that we were able to do this…