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Orly is constantly searching the market for medicines that are difficult to obtain. Not only in the Netherlands or in Europe. The world is our playing field. Thanks to our many years of experience we have an extensive and worldwide network of suppliers.


Also our employees walk the extra mile. Where regular wholesalers stop, Orly delivers with flexibility, reliable and fast. We will do what we can to find you the best possible solution.

5 reasons to work with Orly

Only for pharmacists and specialists

We are prohibited by law from informing private individuals about or supplying them with medicinal products.Tthis is important because a patient’s specialist and pharmacist always have a much better view of the situation. What if a medicine is not or no longer available? Discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist and mention the possible alternativesvia Orly.


Our services

Since 1996 we search the market for medicines that are difficult to obtain. Thanks to our extensive and experienced commitment we have one of the world’s largest range of medicines that are difficult to obtain.
Our service can be divided in three categories.


Shortages & named patient supply

With increasing regularity we notice the lack of availability of existing medicines. A patient also can benefit by a relatively new medicine that is only registered in a single country. You are welcome to use Orly Pharma’s service. With our extensive network we offer you quickly and reliably an alternative for your patient.


Early Access Programs

Early access programs (EAP’s) apply to a single patient who can not be helped with registered medicines. By using an EAP in consultation with the manufacturer and local authority, it can be decided that a patient gets access to a medicine, yet without registration anywhere in the world.


General sales

Orly supplies pharmacists as well as other wholesalers. Our global network guarantees that we, we can source medicines on excellent terms. Don’t hestitate to contact our sales team.