In 1996, we pioneered in tracking down and supplying medicines that are difficult to obtain. Orly quickly expanded to become the undisputed specialist in this area in the Benelux. We aim to maintain our leading position by continually optimising our services.


We have noticed that problems with delivery continue to increase in Europe. More and more often pharmacists are forced to give no for an answer to patients, even though the medicines in question are locally registered as standard prescription drugs. Situations in which a necessary medicine is simply not available because the amount a country requires is too small to justify the registration costs also occur all too often. We solve this problem by obtaining the respective medicine or a comparable alternative from another country.


All registered medicines should be available for every patient. We deem it our responsibility not alone to track down these products, but also to enhance the transparancy and accessability. That is why patients always can point out to their doctor or pharmacist the additional possibilities that Orly Pharma offers.

Orly works together with a vast network of partners

We believe we can always do better. It keeps us on our toes. It is also why Orly Pharma works closely with the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists, doctors and the authorities. We like to monitor developments closely so that we can be of optimal service to pharmacists.


We currently have partnerships with various organisations inside and outside Europe. Making our lines of communication shorter, enables us to anticipate shortages and imminent delivery problems more quickly. This model should be implemented all over the world.

Orly goes the extra mile, since 1996

Orly Pharma is founded towards the end of the previous century, born from the intention to help patients in need. German patients visited the Dutch pharmacist for Dutch products, and soon it became clear that also German products were interesting for Dutch patients.
This was the start of a GDP-licenced wholesaler, IP Pharmacy, seated in Germany (Nettetal). Not long afterwards also the Dutch branch was founded. In 2015 all activities came together under the same name “Orly Pharma”. An internationally active wholesale company.

The Orly team

Orly harbours approximately 25 employees on 2 locations. Our team is experienced and sincerely motivated. Working for Orly, you always go the extra mile. Simply because we realise that there is a real patient behind every request. Is this your working ethic and do you want to be part of our team contact us.

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