1 Worldwide access to all medicines

Orly has worldwide access to more than 100,000 medicines that are difficult to obtain. Every year, approximately 1500 new medicines are added to the list. This means that pharmacists have the best chance of finding what they need with us.


2 Proactive monitoring system

Orly works closely together with other stakeholders to monitor developments in an early stage. Our proactive work method enables us to prepare for medicine phase-outs and shortages.


3 Genuine motivation

Our team has the necessary expertise and is genuinely motivated. Working for Orly means being prepared to do our utmost every day, simply because we never forget the patient behind every request.


4 Reliable

Orly strives to help you as soon as possible. For questions and/or orders you can click here.


5 Express delivery

Getting the medicine to the patient on time is the only thing that counts. If a patient is waiting urgently for medicine, nothing is too much for us. We always have a courier on standby for express deliveries when required.

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